Carers Service

Caring for Carers – A Place for Carers to Relax

For those of you who care for the sick or disabled, we are here to offer you rest, relaxation and solace from your work so that you may have the opportunity for a break.

We cater for those of you who care for the sick or the disabled in your homes; so you can come to us when you’re in need of a break and you have somewhere that you can come to unwind, recharge, destress and relax. You can then go back to your work and duties feeling refreshed and ready to face the world once again.

Come and enjoy a few days near the sea and the mountains, in a lovely old house, where you can relax and replenish your energy. This can give you a chance to meet new friends who share similar experiences and build up a support network of people that you can easily turn to if things get on top of you.

If you wish, there will be someone who can help you reflect on your situation. Above all there will be an atmosphere which will help you relax and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

Community activities will be arranged according to the needs of the group. You will enjoy home cooking and freshly prepared food.

We offer these weeks at the lowest possible rate. We have had more individual carers than ever before and all seemed to enjoy their stay. We certainly enjoyed their visits.

We learn so much from those who care for disabled children, partners, parents and other relations. Their courage and loving commitment fills us with great admiration for their courage, their patience and their emotional steadiness and tenacity in the times when most of us would have buckled and broken down.

We also welcome groups of carers. We have groups visit from Warrington, Wigan, Stockport and more locally – Bangor and Colwyn Bay.

One cannot fail to marvel at the self-sacrifice of carers who devote their time to taking care of loved ones – parent, spouse, child. In some cases taking care of more than one person – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

A short week-end when these carers can rest, have their meals prepared and enjoy the company of others can do wonders. Having someone to care for them while they care for others does a world of good and can restore a person’s faith. We find them leaving Noddfa with smiles on their faces, phone numbers of new found friends and the hope that they will be able to return makes these breaks a must for all carers.

Noddfa Lunch for Carers

Are you caring for a relative? If you would like to meet for lunch with other carers, come to Noddfa, opposite the Tan y Foel Cemetery,on alternate Mondays. Recommended offering: £10.00

Please phone beforehand: 01492 623473.


There is a session of exercises and practices, based on the Capacitar movement, before Carers Lunch, starting about 11a.m. For more information, please ring Noddfa, or look at the website